We are a Valued Partner to our Clients

STBP is dedicated to achieving our mission and partnering with others to help achieve theirs. Regardless of project size or type of service delivered, we believe in building client partnerships, not just clients. We are an organization that values individuals, and this means we don’t subscribe to a ‘one size fits all’ model in business. We work closely with our client partners to understand unique project requirements and assess potential risks, providing a customized range of services to ensure a successful outcome. By sharing the challenges, goals, and motivations of our client partners, we deliver an unmatched level of service that sets us apart from our competitors.

We have been fortunate to have developed more than 50 client partner relationships to date, and we are proud of our track record of success in achieving their goals. Nearly all of our clients have become raving fans and many have rewarded us with repeat work, which accounts for about 41% of our projects. A list of our client partner relationships to date is shown here:

stbp experience cloud 01-20-15 wordlecroppedCollaborating with STBP also means a partnership with our greatest asset – the STBP team of employee partners. We continually strive to provide our employees with the best tools, training, and professional development available. This investment means our high performing team of employees has the innovation, creativity, and skill set to execute complex projects for our clients. With ten employee-partners on board as of January 2015 and average industry experience of 17 years, our team has gained a lot of varied and diverse expertise to share with our client partners in pursuit of their goals.

Through sixteen years of experience in the construction industry, including seven years with a Texas Top 70 Contractor, and having worked exclusively with STBP since its start of operations in July 2012, our founder has gained valuable experience to share with South Texans in need of a true building partner. In addition to STBP experience our founder worked for a diverse clientele with previous employers, including those shown here:mce experience cloud 01-20-15 wordlecropped